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Who's who

Ron Angel

Ron Angel

1930 - 2014

Stockton Folk Club owes a huge debt to Ron who was there when the club started and ran it for many years. He was an inspiration as a singer (notably with The Teesside Fettlers), songwriter (e.g. The Chemical Worker's Song), instrumentalist and teacher. He was above all a dear friend. Read more


John & Joy Rennie
John & Joy lead the curent management team and are among our regular MCs (or hosts). They perform as Dogwatch and are shown with the late Ashley, silent member of the group. They both sing, accompanying themselves on concertina (John), melodeon, keyboard, recorders (Joy). Some of their best songs are poems set to music by Joy. Listen.
John Lawson
John Lawson
John is the other member of the management team and a regular MC. He sings and is an occasional whistle player (although rarely outside the comfort zone of a knurdle) The pose reflects his theme song "I've forgotten the words".
Helen and Steve
Helen Pitt & Steve Dawes
Helen & Steve are well-known as a harmony duo with a string of CDs to their name. You may also have come across them as half of the maritime group Four 'n Aft. They are more often heard solo at the Club, both with a great repertoire of songs. Listen
Sylviane & Richard Sylviane & Richard
Sylviane Bartkowiak & Richard Featherstone have taken over leadership of the "knurdle" and can be relied to provide driving tune-sets. Sylviane also sings and plays a set of Flemish bagpipes.
Steve Lane

Steve & Sue Lane

Sue Lane
Another of our regular MCs, Steve is a fine singer who produces well-honed guitar accompaniments but is equally at home singing unaccompanied. He also plays the hurdy-gurdy. Listen   Sue has a penchant for pastische and parodies and other humorous songs but she can put across the original traditional songs in fine style too.
We can't show photos of all our regular performers. See our Gallery page for more. Other frequent to regular performers include Robin Dale; Denis & Freda Dunning; George Featherston; Celia Kay; Anne Lamb; Carol Lamb; Michael Lee; Margaret Parkin; Derek Redman; Sue Rowney; Lesley & David Smith; Dave Turner; Dave Walker; Rob Watson and John Wilson ... Apologies to any I've overlooked and thanks also to all the members who help with the raffle.

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